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About her


Her name is Ain. Third-year of Chemical Engineering student in University of Malaya. She likes to share her personal insight and random things. She likes arts. She cant draw well so she does her arts by photoshop, paint tool sai etc instead. She likes to travel with her family and friends but never travel alone.

She doesn't like coffee but a lemon water is a need to start a productive day. She was an introvert person but trying to develop herself to be extrovert. She likes to read inspirational and motivational books/articles.

Shy and gentle is the common word when people were asked to describe her based on their first impression of her. However, she is not that type of girl as they know her better.

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safiah sokher said...

Selamat berkenalan.Nanti nak add kat FB boleh kan?Acc : Safiah Sokher

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