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Ibrah from Abdul Rahman Auf

Last year, I didn't get a chance to take my end-year examination and was put in second class of science stream. in my first examination in this year, my result was dropper and I was disappointed with my own result. I started to put the blame on my environment. I had no inspiration in that class, I couldn't make friends with them, I couldn't study with them, I couldn't cope with my classmates, my teachers gave too much homework until I didn't had enough time to study.

But then, Allah wanted to show me something related to my situation. i read an article and it said

If we took on a story of an islamic warrior Abdul Rahman bin Auf who migrated from Makkah to Madinah without having any property along him. as he arrived t the Madinah, he was offered a young lady to marry, a half of a kind man's property and even a house. But he refused and said, "Show me the way to a market". As the man showed him the way to the market, Abdul rahman bin Auf started his business and compete with other yahudi as yahudi was monopolies the market that time. And he was a successful business man. This shown that he was a proactive man. He never put the blame on fate. He left all of his property in makkah since he was also a very successful businessman there.

I was influenced by his story. I was kind of having the same situation. He never felt like he was the victim of the situation. Instead, he tried his best to build a new life. why would I kept blaming the  others when the thing couldn't change anything?

I believed most of us were common in this situation. Please stop saying we were the victim of the situation. It rely on ourselves. Did we realize that we frequently magnified the tiny matters into something huge? i would like to firmly suggest to you guys to get rid of all insignificant things. We should move on to be better. Do your best. Do your very best. Allah will do the rest.


Miss Xyz said...

Dont lose hope okay. Keep fighting and fighting. All the best!

Nurul Atiqah Ahmed said...

just give our best.
Allah will do the rest. :)
Nice blog, sis. :)

nik ros said...

all the best..insyaAllah pasti berjaya

Hawa Faqihah said...

Yeah you're doing the right thing.Keep move on & never give up with your study :D.Akak di sini dah habis SPM dah! ^^

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