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Are we matured enough ?

Usamah bin Zaid was selected as a general by Rasulullah itself to defeat Rome which was the most powerful kingdom in the world during that time and he was 19.

Sultan Muhammad al Fateh was trusted to replace his father to rule the gargantuan Uthmaniyyah Empire for a period of time when he was at 12. And at 21, he had achieved to free Constantinople from the Byzantines.

Ahmad Ammar Ahmad Azzam died in syahid at 20 and was graved at the same Abu Ayyub al Ansari's gravesite.

These men proved us that age didn’t measure maturity. But tarbiyyah did

However, we (including me), where did we finish our young life? How many donation have we given to the ummah? Is it enough with posting several Islamic status at Facebook and Twitter?
Is it sufficient enough when we do good things without caring about our surroundings? Friends. Families.

Are we saying that we are matured enough when we used 24 hours per day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks updating about Islam?

Are we matured enough when we waste our entire day with playing Dota and other games?

Are we matured enough when we cry watching Kdrama, Kpop, epop and etc instead of crying in front of Allah begging for His mercy and blessings?

Are we matured enough when we know an artist and a band better than Islamic warriors such us Muadz and Muaawidz(who knows this please raise your hand ^^), Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, Sultan Umar Abdul Aziz and there are a lot more of Islamic warriors that we aren’t aware of.

Are we matured enough when we can remember the plot by plot in the novels instead of the chronology of how Sultan Muhammad al Fateh defeated the Byzantines and conquered the Great Constantinople?
I remembered there was a poem written by Muhammad Iqbal                                              

There are poets, there are scholars, and there are sages— 
A nation’s days of slavery are not uneventful! 
But every one of them—poor creatures!—has a single goal, 
Though each is unique in the ideas he expounds:
‘Better teach the lion to take flight like a deer, 
So that the legend of the lion’s courage is forgotten!’ 
They seek to make the slaves feel at ease with their slavery,
Pretending to ‘expound and reason things out’.

So please guys.
Please realize how much time we have wasted and how huge donation is needed by nowadays
Ummah get yourself ready
Dear sisters and brothers of Deen
Read more about Islamic warriors and gather with good people as they will bring you to Jannah. Together.

notahatihawa: Hari kedua di universiti. Wish the best for me ! ^^


Eimma Esmail said...

insyaAllah. Sama-sama kejar syurgaNya ;)

Iola said...

well said..hu thanks untuk peringatan ini :)

Ibnu Ramli said...

Uhh it is quite embarassing for us to be compared with the previous youth who made the glorious day of Islam.. Nowaday we still remain in the comfort zone and keeping "we are still young" as the excuses..
May Allah strengthen us all and give us courage to contribute something for the sake of the Deen.

ain soofiyah said...

urgghhh.. im impressed with ur comment... sure.. thats why we have to islah nafs wad'u ghairuh.. Aminn.;)

Balqis Azhar said...

tayanggg you impressed me muchh :)

And you kick my pants off for this offended post.


ain soofiyah said...

uuuuu... *blushing ^^

Ain Nafisha said...

Ya Allah, Fisha rasa bersalah sangat sekarang ni, terima kasih kerana memberi peringatan, bersama-sama mengejar Jannah insyaallah :)

Hawa Faqihah said...

sentap,terkedu baca post awak.tak tahu nak cakap apa.tapi terima kasih ain :')

ain soofiyah said...

welcome.. semuanya dari Allah.. ;)

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