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Time, boredom, Laziness

Assalammualaikum people.
Long time not updating blog huh? I used to baring-baring atas katil for a few hours ago and decided to update my blog. For about 5 months not updating blog, I have learnt a lot of lesson and I believe this one post is not enough to share to you guys what i have learnt for these several months.

Time is money. I believe that most of us are aware of the importance of time. Not most of us but all of us knows that. Allah grants us the same amount of time. 24 hours per day for each of us. Nobody has more. Nobody has less. But still, there are among of us keep complaining they do not have ample time to finish their assignment, to study for their final exam, and the list goes on. I myself failed to manage my schedule properly and almost lost my best buddy because of my dumbness. Bianne Balqis Azhar.. T.T . I've read The other Side of the Coin written by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran and I attracted to this article about time

When I deprived myself of social media, seuddenly I asked myself, "Okay, now what should I do?"

I have to options; either I figure out a replacement activity (hopefully something beneficial) or I could complain about boredom (i.e. a state of not knowing what to do).

The keyword in the above statement is "options". Meaning, I do have a choice. I can chose to do something with the free time that I have or I can choose to be bored.

Yes, boredom is a choice.

I am reponsible for my boredom. I am responsible for getting myself into o]it, and I am responsible for getting myself out of it. So there is no use in me complaining about it and ruining other people's day.

If I am bored, I need to deal with it myself. If I dont have anything beneficial to do, the I need to find something beneficial to do

credit to Aiman Azlan

To conclude, please be wise to differentiate the "I need a rest" and "I want to waste".

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