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Travelogue: Siem Reap, Cambodia

So, I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia last two week for two days only but I can say that it was pretty much refreshing for me after tonnes of the workload with assignments and tests and stuff. My flight departed at 7 am and arrived about 8 am at Siem Reap International Airport. After checked in, we went straight to visit Tonle Sap Lake Kampung Phluk. 


Floating Village of Kampong Phluk on Tonle Sap Lake
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We took a tour of Kampung Phluk Village by boat. Thank God because on that day the water level is not that low that we have to walk along it in water. There was a camp I joined when I was in my first year, we went to the rural area by boat and we were told that if the water level is too low, the boat cant sail, so we have to walk and lift up the boat together in group. God bless me, I don't have to experience that. It is a village with stilted houses and school. I saw kids rowing their mini boat to go to school with their friends and it was an adorable view.  Also, we experiencing a floating market selling snacks and toys, so you can expect to buy something from them. Seeing the conditions of villagers and children, I dont know if I am allowed to pity them. Their conditions might seem pity, but they seem contented with what they have. No social media, no internet, gadgets, trend victim, we cant live without them but they do. I like the view of mangroves tree around us but sadly we were in boat so we cant took any picture.

I just knew that it was one of seven wonders in the world. So dumb. Because it is the major tourist spot, it wa so crowded with people(plus winter season is a tourism season) and it was so difficult to take pictures. Like you have to wait for your turn if you still want to take pictures at that particular spot, and then people come and photobomb your photo. Banyak gambar I rosak ok.

one of our failed picture lol
Yes, we have to take turn to take picture here. We want to give up at first, but our tour guide insists because this is the popular spot because Angelina Jolie was once filmed her movie here.

Angkor Wat is so big that it is divided into few sections. We take our tour here for a few hours jugaklah. Since it has so many tourist and visitors from all over the world, I somehow am amazed seeing the tourist guide wearing their uniform and speak multilanguage according to the tourist  NIGHT MARKET

My favorite part is, of course, shopping! We came here twice because shopping at night markets is never satisfying. Typical night market custom, bargaining. Thank again my mom is master of bargaining. We bought a lot of Cambodian pants(which are so comfortable and big) at $1-2 USD, Tshirt $2USD, shawl $2USD and more. And as we go deeper into the market, the sellers sell at cheaper prices! Seriously I bought a lot of stuff here like why do I need a shopping mall when I have night markets. 

Pub Sreet,heh, no we didn't go further inside. 
Since it was Christmas Eve, so there were a lot of lights and lamps alongside the street and markets, and of course, I took a lot of pictures.

Taking pictures while waiting for mom and dad shopping inside the market.
If you are wondering about halal food, it is easy to find halal restaurant near to the mosque. Also, our most favorite restaurant is Cambodian Muslim Restaurant. 

< style="font-size: medium;">  Thats it from me. Will write another traveloge if I have another time. Laters. 

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