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My New Year Resolution

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I cant say that I have a great journey in 2017, I've been through a lot, 2017 has literally flown by blood, sweats and tears but there is also a lot of things to be thankful about.

In my 2017, I am struggling a lot with my course subject since I am way way too left behind. Fortunately, my pointer rose in my forth sem and even though it still doesn't achieve my target, I'm taking it as my motivation to do better in my fifth sem. (apparently, my final exam is tomorrow and here I am writing blog) I hope and I really hope to get dean list for my next two semester

In my 2017 also my skin got really worse, the pimples were all over my face. My self confidence literally went down that I can't even face the mirror because it was too scary. It was because I used the wrong skin care. I used to have no problem going out my bare face but eventually, concealer has become my bestie. So, I really have to be better in taking care of my skin. I was taking too granted of my skin and now I am regretting it. #flawlessskin

Last year also I have such a wonderful traveling memory with my friend and family. I went to Sabah with my friend, I went to Beijing, Sandakan, Siem Reap, Manila and Kelantan for vacation with my family and I am looking forward to go on more travel with my family and friends. and because it has been a while since I start blogging, there were not many posts on my travel experience, therefore I am looking forward to myself on writing more post on my traveling experience

Also, not forgetting I joined 'Sukan SEA volunteering programme' and I've met wonderful people from all over the world and also took part in management organization under my faculty's department, 'Engenius volunteer' and I would love to take part as much as I can in my faculty programme this year. Currently, I am part of annual department dinner's organization, CEDAN. I am targeting to join Society of Petroleum Engineers programme. I was also got an offer to go on women engineering summer camp programme in Austria but couldn't go because of money problem. Sad.

I would like to express my gratitude to peoples who were always by my side. Taking care of me reminding whenever I did wrong. There were people that we just knew each other and after awhile mingle with them, I never imagined that we have a lot of chemistry and it was so nice to meet you guys.

Till then

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