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Semester 5: A wrap up

My final exam is over yall! It was a pretty hellish semester and so I feel like to write on my so-called 'semester's reflections'? I took 21 credit this sem because  no reason. Looking solely on my carry marks throughout my semesters, I thought I can do well this sem. I really thought I can do well but after sitting and attempting my final paper I have no idea what did I learned 14 weeks ago. I messed up 😭


I admit I was taking it too easy. I got 2 weeks of study week, thought that I had plenty time to cover up my syllabus, I wasted my 2 weeks of study week like a day before exam I still relaxed, watching kbs award show and chilled😂 I was like 'wth girl, you can watch it after final duh!' This girl is so impatient.

Consequently, I had 5 papers straight in 4 days and because I hadn't finished my syllabus within the 2 weeks I had to stay up all the night on my exam weeks and still, I cant do my paper well. I posted my target to achieve dean list this sem in my latest post but after attempting my paper I dont know if I could make it.


It is my morning routine since I was in high school to recite al-quran every morning before start up my day and if I having a difficult day I'll recite surah al-waqiah. So, on my third day of the final exam, I forgot to recite alquran and I couldn't answer my paper that day. I know some of us think this is normal and that I am thinking too much and this happens to anyone. But I personally think that it is not wrong to reflect our action. 'Why everything does not goes well?' 'Did I do something wrong today?' And I read alquran on the next day. It was also hard but I still can answer it and it feels different. I cant guarantee that it will achieve my target, but I feel confident. I confident I did good today and I confident Allah helps me today. You can imagine the feeling.

I need to learn to be productive everyday! I wasted a lot of time in my 14 weeks! This sem should be my turning point. *while watching korean drama and eat popcorn. Before starts my next sem I should do my target list and how am I going to achieve my target of the sem and sort out this bad habit. aigoo.

  • Sort out my blog. 
  • I want to learn DIY projects
  • Read unfinished English books- suggest me a good read booklist!
  • Korean drama - I listed out ady what drama I want to watch this time!
  • Organize my year planner
  • Working on my resume
I think that's all for now. 

Till then

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