First week of semester 6 -

09 February 2018

First week of semester 6

The first week of the semester is like a second New Year's day. We set our goal, we start planning throughout of the semester and have a fresh start of the semester. But a fresh start did not apply to me as my first week of semester 6 was soooo exhausting. Taking 19 credit hours this semester of Plant Engineering, Momentum Transfer, Process Synthesis, Organic Chemistry, Design Exercise, Process Control and Separation Process II and all of these subjects have a mini project for our coursework marks.

Internship Applications
You know what stressed me a lot this week? It's the internship application process. I've been emailing to hundreds of company for months of my internship application and no one is replying my email and most of the replies are the auto-reply email - the address was not found. *dumbfounded* Where am I going to intern after this sem??!!

Plant Engineering
I think this is the most fun part of the week. In our Plant Engineering Subject, we need to find a partner for our mini project with conditions; different gender and different races. It is kind of rare case for us because most of our project is usually conducted in a group or individual so it is our first time to work in pair and of course I gonna get Chinese guy as my partner. It's like 'Confession of Love' races. We propose and got accepted/rejected. When the proposal was accepted, the whole class celebrate and when we were rejected the class is like, "Propose him. He is still single!" and then we propose the other guy and got accepted. And the class celebrate again! Even our terms used are cringe. Propose, cerai, dumped and stuff. I think this is the most fun part kot of my whole week. Hahah. Also, the mini project is not a joke, the thickness is like "weh, ni proposal nak bukak kilang ke apa?!"

Residental Hostel
We called it as college, and I didn't get into college. I am so frustrated. Apart from the traffic, I am actually more worried about my group project as we might need to do a group discussion until late night. My house is about 40 minutes to college by car. Plus, I can't drive, plus it gonna end at late night and public transport won't be available at that time. And, to sleep in my friend's room, I'm afraid to bother her roommate.

My 2018 Planner
What is a new year if you don't own any planner. Because I am such a forgetful person, I need a planner to write down my class schedule, exam schedule, class replacement, funny things happen today, quotes and anything whenever I feel like to write. It is like my history book, therefore I am very thoughtful when choosing my planner. This year, it's hard to find any satisfying planner. So, I made a decision to make my own planner. The good side of this is that I can add or remove anything I need by using this planner.

I laminated my pictures and bind it together with the others. And for the cover, I bought it at the MPH and I printed the printable planners through Just a Girl and her Blog. And if I think I need to add something I just design it on the Microsoft word and print it in the pdf file. Abby also shares on how to make your own planner using Microsoft word.

Quote of the Week
So, recently I read a book, "The Zahir" and feels like to share the quote on my blog. If you ask me why am I a huge fan of Paulo Coelho book, I'd like to say that it is because in his book, the story is actually short and simple but it fills with philosophy, personal thought, and quotes through their dialogue and that's what makes me a huge fan of him. So, here is the quote:

What we need to learn is always there before us, we just have to look around us with respect and attention in order to discover where God is leading us and which step we should take next. -Paulo Coelho, The Zahir-


Munirah Mn said...

Wow I didn't know we could print our own planner. I'll try next year maybe since I already bought one haha. Anyway have a good semester and all the best for your internship application! :D

Nur'ain Soofiyah said...

yes we can! And am really loving it <3 Thank you for your wishes XD