Travelogue: Jakarta, Indonesia -

26 February 2018

Travelogue: Jakarta, Indonesia

It is not my first time traveling to Jakarta. I've been there few times and I'm sure to revisit Jakarta next time. Jakarta is not on my radar as one of the countries that I'm yearning to visit, despite the crowded and the maddening traffic, Jakarta offers the best shopping option in South East Asia. Just like the others, we went to Jakarta for a shopping expedition apart from spending some time with families, putting a load of assignments and projects aside and allow me to kick back and relax.

Jakarta Historical Museum
Also known as Fatahillah Square located in the Old Town of Jakarta. For those who like cultural and historical experiences, this is a perfect place for you as Taman Fatahillah takes you back to the colonial time with preserved architectures of Europian style. For those who are not interested, they offer you nice spots for you to take pictures. XD

I know I look short here 
If you notice from the picture above, there are bicycles neatly lined with a matching hat hanging on it. These bicycles are offered for a tour, cycling around the Kota Tour and of course, they are not for free.

Since I don't enjoy history, let me have a cup of hot chocolate while reading my book.
That guy is real guys!

Taman Mini Indah
Since Indonesia is a collection of thousands of island, it is also a collection of thousands cultural and architectural styles. This park consists of their traditional houses and cultural in every region of Indonesia. Because the park is so huge (I have no idea why it is named as 'mini'), we drive around in a van and pick a certain region to take a tour.

The only region that catches my eyes is Bali. Maybe because it was a holiday, a lot of people had their ceremonies and a lot of houses closed. We also went to the komondo museum in the park because we saw a lot of peoples inside, so we thought it was interesting. But nope, honestly, it was a disappointment. There was nothing inside. It was not our day maybe.

At first, we decided to buy stuff at Tanah Abang, but since our driver recommended us to go to Thamrin shopping mall instead, *'lebih dingin' katanya, so we went to Thamrin city on our sfirst day and Tanah Abang on our second day. I even made a list things to buy in Indonesia before I arrived in there hahah and yes we bought all things we listed thanks to abah.

For accommodation, we stayed in Ascott Residence, Jakarta and yes I love it there. The first day we entered the room, we were so excited. The furniture and their arrangements are really nice. Making us feel like princess *read we as in my sister and me only. hahah and because it was a short trip I thinks that is enough to update for this time. 

Will update more next time. Laters,

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