There are still good people out there - Living with us -

10 April 2018

There are still good people out there - Living with us

This post title makes me feel like writing a science-related article😂. You guys know what, I have like 3 pending lists of what I want to write on my blog. But time, never allows me. 

3rd April 2018
It was a rainy day. The class was ended at 3, then I had a lunch together with my friends. We chatted for hours until I received a message from my dad asking me what time will I be home. Afraid to get caught in a storm, we decided to call it a day. I booked an uber to the LRT station. The fare was RM 6. I clearly remembered that I took out my money from the purse inside the car and paid to the driver. I get off from the car and rushed towards the LRT gate. As I opened my bag to take out my purse, I realized that my purse was not inside my bag. "Damn, I must be left it in that uber's car". So, I quickly called the uber driver.

"Bang, sorry bang nak tanya ada tak purse saya tertinggal dalam kereta abang?"
"Purse? Kejap eh abang cari"
A few seconds later,
"Tak de pun, dik" I flustered. Not again. It was my third time I lost my IC.
"Serius ke bang. Bang, sorry bang. Tapi boleh tak abang patah balik kejap?"

I get onto his car and searched for my purse and it was nowhere to be found. After a few minutes,
"Adik nak patah balik um ke? Cari purse?"
"Okay" Even though I was very sure that I lost my purse when I was in his car.
The rain was still coming down out there. I said thank you and get off his car but suddenly he called me,
"Dik, dik kejap. Nah" He handed me his umbrella. I confused.
"Erm, macam mana nak pulang payung ni? Abang nak tunggu saya ke?"
"Haaa, tunggulah"

I went inside the library and borrowed money from my friends and then I rushed back to the bus station. The driver parked his car at the appropriate place and stood beside his car with his raincoat. In the heavy rain.
"Jumpa tak, dik?" He asked. I shook my head.
"Ada duit tak ni nak balik? Tinggal mana? Nak abang hantarkan tak?" He asked me again. Out of concern.
"Patah balik, bang. Nak cari balik purse kat LRT mana tau jumpa"
I feel so bad because I didn't pay him this time because I have no money.

At the LRT station, I asked everyone who worked there if any of them have seen my purse at the station. Nobody answered yes. So I gave up searching for my purse and rode the LRT to the station nearby my house.

I was too scared to tell my parents so on my way to the home, I searched how much fine should I pay. It was RM 1000. Hell, I don't have that much of money so I was thinking to split up instead. 60:40 😂 Well, it was my fault anyway. So, serve me rightlah.

At the end of the LRT station, I saw my dad's car waiting to pick me up. 'Get ready with your facial expression, ain'. My clothes were soaking as I were out in the rain for hours. As soon as I opened the car's door, my dad asked me,
"Hilang purse eh?" I surprised. How the hell did he know? But still, I noded.
"Abah dah agak dah" and he laughed. HAHA

So the story behind this is actually I dropped my purse right when I get off the uber's car. And then, this aunty found my purse but she didn't know who should she refer to so she brought my purse to her home and asked her daughter to find any contact number to contact me. Fortunately, I kept my dad's office card so she called my dad. So that's how I finally found my purse back.

So in a day, I met two good and honest strangers. I find its amazing as every day through the social media (twitter especially) or daily news, we often hear a lot of negative stories. The story of betrayal and the ignorant society are the most common things. To know that these good people are really exist, even though to a stranger, it puts my heart at ease. "Ah, I can still put my trust to a stranger", "Ah, my society nowadays are not as ignorant as I thought" and to believe that there are still hopes that my future generation will be living in a better society.


Lya Amie said...

The uber driver was sooo kind! faith in humanity restored :')

Nur'ain Soofiyah said...

Ikr! A simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person's life :D