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22 October 2018

Futile Permutations

Thing is,

The days she wakes up
With dread for the mirror
And nights crumble away
With never-ending tears.
Because she isn’t-
Because she can’t be-
Because she’ll never be-

And I think about her and
Can’t help wondering;
Not why she’s like that but
Why she feels that way.
Why does she feel shame?
Why so much pain?
Why does she crave to be
Someone she’ll never be?

I think about her anger
And I think about her rage
And I see that girl crying
And wonder why she cares
Wonder why she’s so hell-bent
On a permutation
Into someone else
Which the world will call ‘Beautiful’.

And so it’s our dismal fate.
As we watch the elite of our world
The ones who are ‘beautiful’
The ones who have it all
The ones who receive
All the unending, glorious attention
The ones who are on top
Because they’re just beautiful.

And my heart will not stop
Bleeding verses of anger;
And it will not stop crying
Words of indignant desolation
And it won’t stop wondering
What our world has come to;
And it won’t stop fuming
At how deep the depth of shallowness
Have swallowed who we were meant to be
And turned us into nothing but
Headless, brainless corpses of the ficklest
Vainest, most insubstantial piece of rags
Who see only what they see and who are
What the world needs them to be.

Look good, you get the fame
Look good, you be ‘game’
Look good, you get ‘Hot-damn’
Look good, they crave your name
Look good, they wish to claim
Look good, feel no shame
Look good, entice the tame
Look good- it’s all the same.

Look bad- oh what shame
Look bad- pitied ‘game’
Look bad- they mock your name
Look bad- and you’re to blame
Look bad- and you they maim
Look bad- never claimed.

And I wonder about that girl
And wonder why she cries.
But how can I blame her?
When I am no better, no different, no wiser;
Though I should know better;
Though we should all know better;
Than selling our souls to the game
To Be-
Be seen-


Written by| EmAngster00|

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