Final Chapter as Chemical Engineering Undergraduate -

13 March 2019

Final Chapter as Chemical Engineering Undergraduate

Rereading the design report that I wrote while working on the new final year report, this kind of thought comes to my mind, "Ah, I am finally a final year student. It is the final chapter as a Chemical Engineering Undergraduate student". Final semester comes around a lot of quicker than I expected. One second I am a first-year student stay in the hostel and go through the orientation weeks, walk every day from hostel to the class with thick textbook HAHA and the next second I am a final year student stay with my parents, taking public transport to class and now busy with final year projects. As I am excited to move on to the next phase of my life, I can't help of being scared and doubting myself if I am competent enough to be an engineer.

Final year Research Project and Design project is like the pinnacle of chemical engineering undergraduate studies where you apply all whatever you've learned for the past three years to engineer something and graded for it. So many drops out because of this one course. Imagine after three years of study and you suddenly drop out. Doesn't it feel like you've wasted your previous three years? Everyone in class is having a hard time dealing with these two projects and everyone is being emotionally unstable and extra sensitive. But yea lets embrace all the chaos that may come in our way.

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