Internship Experience as Process Engineer -

09 March 2019

Internship Experience as Process Engineer

I promised you in my last two posts to share you guys my internship experience and it was like last four months since I ended my internship period? If you followed my post, you'd know that it was not easy for me to secure one company, I got tonnes of rejections, but alhamdulillah, one day, I got a call from Carigali Hess offering me a 12-weeks internship programme with them.

On the whole, I had a great internship experience. I was a part of process safety team for the first two weeks and the next week, I was transferred into process engineering and document control team. I swear I had the best team during my internship. But I remembered during the introduction session, it wasn't a pleasant session, I was attacked by my team leader.

He asked me, "What is your expectation from this internship?" and I explained to him generally, to gain knowledge or experience or something. He replied "That's too general. What do you expect to learn in this department? You want to master in piping? Instrumental?" I kept quiet as I don't know what to reply. He added up, "So what are you going to present by the end of your internship? 3 months are too short for you to learn everything here. Even 2 years are not enough." He attacked me again with tonnes of questions. I don't remember what I replied at that time but I remember I felt miserable like, It is my first-day, dude. Let me breathe. Luckily there is my supervisor backed me up, "It's okay if there is any project we can hand it over to her. Let her learn how things work here in 2-3 weeks, then we can give her project." I relieved.

After two weeks, I transferred to process engineering team. My supervisor told me, " It is better for you to learn with process engineering team as you will learn more with them. And as to have a better understanding of process safety, you need to master the whole process first". That is how I transferred to another department (but of course, it is related to human resource's issue too). In my new team, I had one team leader also acting as my supervisor and five other teammates. Four of them are process engineers and one draughtsman.
My team with my lecturer. My team leader is not in the picture :(

Basically, as an intern, there weren't so many things to assign but every first week of the month, it was always a hectic week. I had to monitor monthly the performance of every unit and to report it to my team at the end of the week. I did a lot of mechanical calculation which I thought I'd never learned in my class but actually, it really is helping me in designing my project. I get to see real equipment guided drawing, PFD and P&ID diagram that if you are chemical engineering students, you know that these kind of drawings are confidential that some company doesn't even share to their interns. My tasks are all relevant to my course, so I'm satisfied with my assignments overall. And I had a very awesome team, regardless of how busy they are, they always guide me and answered every single doubt I had. 

My fellow interns. Fatin is not in the picture. Merajuk kot

I had an enjoyable internship because of them, my fellow interns. We are all from different departments, but we always had our lunch together (especially when there are free foods!). We barely knew each other but we acted, joked, argued and fought as if we've been knowing each other for three years. Anyway, it is such a blessing to get to know these people and I am always missing them.

We also joined lots of social events held by this company every weekend such as safety carnival and bowling events. I never missed out tazkirah session we had every Monday afternoon every Thursday for Lunch and Learn session. It was a good gathering to hear out sharing from the experienced one.

Fellow interns during safety carnival
I really really recommend Carigali Hess for an internship experience as it was really enriching and if you follow my stories on Instagram you'd know that I had a very enjoyable internship because I only record enjoyable things ya know. 
P/s: The allowance is more than what PETRONAS pays


Rasya said...

It's great that your internship pays you as I heard that it's common for internship to be unpaid. Your team leader's words resonated with me as I've no idea what I want in my career.

Nur'ain Soofiyah said...

Yea, me either and I'm still figuring myself what do I want to be in the near future. I believe everyone is having this one phase that you don't know what you want to do in your life, let's not rush things out and be intimidated by the achievement of others. You'll get there. Hehe