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Her name is Ain, a final-year of Chemical Engineering student at the University of Malaya. She shares her personal insight and random things on her personal blog as her side hobby. She likes arts but she can't draw. She was an introvert person but trying to develop herself to be extrovert. She likes to read inspirational and motivational books/articles. Shy and gentle is the common word when people were asked to describe her based on their first impression of her. However, she is not that type of girl as they know her better, and she likes to keep her circle small.

She started blogging at the age of 13, but during that time she just shares almost everything that happened in her life on her blog as if her blog is her diary. Because of that, she deleted almost all of her entries and wants to start over. There will be times she writes in English but there might be in Malay too. English is not her first language so forgive her if there any grammatical errors here and there.

After a few changes of website's links, on 23rd of January 2018, she decided to use www.ainsoofiyah.com as her personal blog website.

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